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Kia Digital Program Overview

We recognize that operating a successful retail business today requires the effective use of many digital solutions. In 2015 we launched Kia Digital to help Kia Dealers navigate the complex vendor landscape of Digital Marketing tools. Over the last five years, we have expanded the number of certified vendors available and broadened the number of digital solution categories available as part of the Kia Digital program. Today there are more than 40 certified vendors as part of Kia Digital, providing several digital solutions, including: Websites, Digital Advertising, Chat/Text tools, Trade-in products, Reputation Management, Data Mining and Digital Retailing.

There are several benefits to your dealership to use the solutions available as part of the Kia Digital Program, including:

  1. All certified vendors have been reviewed and approved by KUS
  2. All certified vendors are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are delivering dealers superior performance
  3. There are multiple vendors certified in each digital solutions category, so that you have options
  4. All vendor billing is applied to your parts statement automatically
  5. DAS claims for Kia Digital vendors are automatically submitted on your behalf
  6. All certified vendors are eligible for 100% DAS utilization
  7. You can cancel your services with 30-days’ notice, no long term agreements

You can use this Kia Digital Program website to learn more about the products available and enroll for services. Click on the “Solutions” link above to learn more about the digital product categories and vendors, or the “Consulting” and “Leads” links to learn more about those offerings. If you have any questions about the Kia Digital Programs, feel free to contact our dealer support team at: 1.800.327.2707, option 6, or use the “Contact Us” form on this website.