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Video Advertising Add-Ons

Video Advertising Add-Ons

The Kia Digital Program offers a wide variety of video services from many providers. Video advertising is a terrific compliment to a dealers Digital Advertising strategy, as research suggests that more customers are researching vehicles online before purchasing, and are doing so through video content. Video advertising engages customers throughout the purchase funnel, and helps them to compare and contrast their options before visiting a dealership. Consider adding Video advertising to your strategy with these great offerings from our Certified Providers.

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Build and maintain an optimized YouTube channel with ongoing maintenance of your channel, videos, and community. Dealer provides video assets for this service.

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Right now, social media consumption is at record levels, and getting your marketing messages in front of social consumers has never been more important. During this time of social distancing, manufacturers are coaxing shoppers with generous OEM incentives and deferred payments.

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Dealer eProcess

Fill your funnel faster with OTT Video Advertising from Dealer eProcess, powered by Amazon! Streaming Video Advertising is a powerful marketing tool designed to reach ready-to-buy shoppers in your marketplace while they stream their favorite premium content via their connected devices and on all major streaming apps.  In the US alone, roughly 213.7 million people will access streaming content at least once per month, and this number will only continue to grow.  As one of only a small number of Amazon Advertising Partners, DEP has access to the most powerful targeting data of any digital marketing platform in automotive, period. We put that data to work for you to make sure that we reach YOUR customers wherever they are, without wasting a single ad dollar. Take advantage of this industry-leading offering from Dealer eProcess before your competitors do! 

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Dealer Inspire

Dealer Inspire has a full-service video production team — complete with writers, designers, videographers, video editors, and motion design artists — to visually execute your messaging goals, engage new audiences, and build organic search value through video platforms. Whether you need stunning drone footage for your homepage HTML5, an event coverage piece, a lease offer ad for YouTube, or a creative campaign for Facebook and Broadcast TV, our team is a one-stop shop for video production, syndication, and advertising that seamlessly connects with your overall strategy.

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With DealerOn’s video Pre-Roll ads, you can take your message to audiences on YouTube with targeted ads. You can also remarket to consumers with specific, relevant messages to keep you fresh in their minds during the shopping cycle.

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Force Marketing

The car-shopping process has evolved for consumers, so your marketing strategy needs to evolve with it. With DRIVE, dealers can take video and OTT content to a whole new level by featuring live inventory dynamically across all the largest video streaming networks. Capture the attention of shoppers who’ve engaged with your website, as well in-market and custom affinity audiences to maximize your reach. We also target keywords, conquest URLs and put your 1st party database customers to work. At Force Marketing, we're all about driving dealer success.

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The Video tools included in the Kenect Professional package deliver top-notch lead responses and act as effective RO upsell drivers. Using the Kenect app, you can effortlessly create videos for your customers or initiate Live Video chats via text message, without the need for any additional software. Dealers who utilize Kenect to respond to leads with a video introduction and promptly follow up with a video walkaround experience an impressive 30% increase in appointment set rates.​

Moreover, Kenect's Video tools prove invaluable in the service department by facilitating the growth of RO size. Service technicians can send videos capturing necessary repairs while the car is in the service bay. Customers love the video-first approach, finding it easy to use and highly engaging. With Kenect's Video tools, you can enhance customer interactions and improve overall satisfaction.

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Netsertive's Localized Video Advertising at Scale Offered is offered in select Kia Digital Packages! Video is one of the most powerful digital media channels available today, yet creating hundreds of localized, high-quality video campaigns is expensive and time consuming. Our AI-enabled Platform simplifies the complexity of executing hundreds of localized video ads across multiple distribution channels, to ensure you're delivering a powerful, locally relevant video ad campaign.

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Reach the majority of North American consumers on their TV’s on 400+ Channels more efficiently and effectively than traditional TV with connected TV advertising. PureCars TV allows for TV advertising with any budget by only showing your ads to in-market customers unlike traditional broadcast and cable advertising. PureCars dealers get direct access to reach shoppers on large screens and devices with highly targeted unskippable ads, based on geographic location, life events, vehicle ownership, your own first-party data, and more with efficient advertising buys through our partners of Amazon, Hulu, Disney, and Google Marketing 360. On top of a more efficient TV advertising experience, PURE Insights provides the same type of reporting you are used to with all other types of digital advertising.

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Sokal Digital

Our Momentum Digital Video solution utilizes our Momentum Video Network to deliver rich video content on YouTube TruView and Streaming Video (e.g., Over-the-top and Connected TV inventory) across custom unique audiences and that leverage network learnings at the lowest cost of delivery (CPM) or the lowest cost of viewership (Cost per completed view). If you don’t have video assets available, we have a library of DAS-compliant videos for you to choose from that were all created and produced in-house.


  • Sites include: ESPN, CBS, NBC, HULU, YouTube, A&E, etc.
  • Devices include: Roku, Fire, Apple TV, etc.
  • Strategic sales zip code targeting combined with radius targeting for highly-localized campaigns
  • Continuously-updated audiences with our Momentum proprietary optimization tool
  • Specific in-market audiences for your specific make and model or for conquesting goals
  • In-house production team to craft custom, DAS-compliant creative videos
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Team Velocity

Apollo Video integrates with video tech leader, Advid, to automate the entire video advertising process from creation to distribution to management. Advid creates payment-based video ads for every model you sell, including incentives and pricing, and automatically uploaded the videos to YouTube on a continuous basis. Apollo Video is fully integrated with Apollo Ads, boosting performance and ensuring consistency across every digital touchpoint.

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Stream Companies

At Stream Companies, we know what it takes to create and curate video ads to send more retail traffic your way. Stream can help you track metrics that other agencies can’t. With our addressable geofencing capabilities, we can show you how many people saw your video ad and showed up in person at your showroom 30 or 60 days out.

We’ll use that same tech to deliver personalized video content to users! Every campaign Stream runs is precisely targeted. We run 95% percent of our campaigns at the zip code level, so you can run video ads in areas where you’re doing the most business. The visual web is here to stay, so let Stream help you harness it as your latest and greatest digital tool!

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UnityWorks is a recognized pioneer and industry leader in the delivery of scalable, data-driven driven video campaigns for automotive dealers. We combine data, customer intelligence and proprietary technology to deliver customized video experiences that maximize engagement and conversion throughout the purchase cycle. Mobile is a consumer behavior, not just a device. That is why UnityWorks takes a “mobile first” approach to all of our design, content and campaign experiences.

Our video strategy emotionally engages shoppers with vehicle-specific content that draws them to further interest and action. Your one-stop provider for all video marketing, UnityWorks creates demand, driving search lift and store visits with our campaigns.

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Harness the power of artificial intelligence, real-time data, and automation in one dealer-centric platform to drive more customers to your website. With ZeroSum, dealers have on-demand access to MarketAI® which provides cross-channel ad execution, VIN-level attribution reporting, cutting-edge competitive insights, and industry-wide market data to drive unprecedented growth. Experience the future of automotive marketing with ZeroSum.

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