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Social Management Add-Ons

Social Management Add-Ons

Social management services offer ways to help your dealership take control of your online presence. Organic content is just as important as paid social content because after a prospective consumer is delivered an ad, they will visit your social media page to engage with your dealership further. Offers include various social content and social advertising options so your dealership can connect with consumers on multiple platforms in an interpersonal way to build lasting customer relationships.

Social Media Best Practices
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Leverage your dealership’s brand to engage with and reach new customers.

Be a consistent name in your community with an engaging and well-managed social media presence. Prioritizing Facebook and managing additional platforms as desired, Adpearance will handle everything from the look and feel of your profiles to weekly content planning and personal interaction with comments, messages, and reviews.

Extend your reach and engagement with an advertising budget to promote posts and page likes on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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Dealers receive daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, with a focus on increasing local engagement with followers. Incoming comments or inquiries are answered by our team, and we also consult with the dealership’s social team to help maximize the effectiveness of all social efforts.

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Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike’s Social Media Marketing engages more consumers on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our team actively improves your online presence and maximizes engagement with consumers through custom social posts. DAS turns your Google listing into a lead generator with custom tiles on Google’s first page that showcase your top reviews, newest offers, inventory highlights, service specials, job openings, and more – without paying PPC.

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Reaching an audience on Social Media also requires fresh content.By focusing on a variation of vehicle specials and promotions, we generate leads by targeting the dealership’s audience, based on location, interests and shopping behavior. A full-service graphics and video team creates custom inventory ads, specifically for a dealership’s target audience.

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Kenect's Social tools enable dealers to effortlessly capture photo and video content for personalized sharing with customers or posting on various Social Media platforms. Your content remains readily accessible in the cloud through the Kenect App. Moreover, Kenect offers assistance in managing your social postings, ensuring optimal quality and frequency of organic and OEM content across sites like Facebook, Instagram, and your Google profile. This approach guarantees enhanced organic search exposure and increased clicks for your dealership.

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Team Velocity

Our Social Media Management services help build your brand message with posts to keep your customers and community regularly engaged. Our social managers schedule posts, oversee custom creative content, and work with you on setting your social goals for the month. Our platform monitors all your social engagement, from likes, comments, and shares to direct messages, allowing us to respond to your potential customers on your behalf.

Event Messenger Campaigns are one of the most effective and direct ways to open a conversation and lead with a very strong offering when involving special events at the store. These high-impact ads include non-native page creation, ad spend, Virtual BDC, Event Message management, CRM lead integration, test drive gift cards and so much more! Events are either 2 week or 4 weeks in duration.

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