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Social Advertising Add-Ons

Social Advertising Add-Ons

Social Media Advertising is a very effective portion of your digital advertising media mix. Dealers who advertise on social media benefit from various targeting options, and customization of advertising campaigns. Custom social campaigns help dealers differentiate their dealership from competitors in order to reach “ready to buy” customers. KDCS certified providers are the experts in the space with Automotive Inventory Ads to help your dealership deliver the best advertisements that drive results.

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Leverage your dealership’s brand to engage with and reach new customers.

Be a consistent name in your community with an engaging and well-managed social media presence. Prioritizing Facebook and managing additional platforms as desired, Adpearance will handle everything from the look and feel of your profiles to weekly content planning and personal interaction with comments, messages, and reviews.

Extend your reach and engagement with an advertising budget to promote posts and page likes on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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With its expansive reach, Facebook is a prime marketplace for your inventory and dealership services. That reach, coupled with exclusive, in-market shopper data from Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and other Cox Automotive brands, delivers a strategic advantage to our clients, driving higher engagement at the lowest cost with ads that feature your real inventory, incentives, and service content. With a significant percentage of consumer traffic going to Facebook, reaching these in-market audiences there has never been more important.

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Dealer eProcess

With the Dealer eProcess Social Media offerings, Kia dealers will receive a targeted social media presence to fit the needs of their individual dealership. Get in front of your potential sales, finance, and fixed ops customers, targeting them where they are – on social media! Reach shoppers at every stage of the sales funnel, displaying on their Facebook and Instagram Feeds, Marketplace, and more!

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Dealer Inspire

Dealer Inspire (DI) combines an award-winning digital advertising team, agency-level creative, and powerful targeting technology to win mindshare for our dealers’ brands and inventory. Our FUEL™ dynamic advertising software targets in-market shoppers with your inventory, creating interactive ads in social feeds with the most relevant vehicles to the shopper. DI campaigns can also maximize engagement at lower cost by seamlessly integrating our Conversations™ messaging technology to start automated chats directly from social ads to instantly capture leads.

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Digital Air Strike

Reach in-market car buyers and service customers with fully managed, targeted ads on Facebook. Our award-winning team creates, posts, monitors, and manages your ad campaigns that showcase vehicles for sale, dealership specials, and more. Digital Air Strike’s proprietary VDP Power Social showcases your inventory on Facebook and delivers double opt-in leads to your dealership VDPs. Our Facebook Smart Assistants engage, and assist interested buyers, so you get higher quality leads sent directly to your CRM for immediate follow-up.

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Force Marketing

Our products and strategies are designed to help dealers interact with car-shoppers more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Utilizing our social strategies, we take full advantage of all your customer database and website traffic in combination with in-market, conquest, and lookalike audiences to capture your full audience potential. We meet prospects and existing customers at every step of their journey and allow them to submit leads directly from our advertising and also set appointments. Our strategies combine innovative technology with advanced data to ensure our dealers are reaching the right customers with the right message at the right time.

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Promote your vehicles using Automotive Inventory Ads across Facebook. You can advertise to your existing customers through custom contact lists. Leverage your first-party data including transactional DMS data, demographic data, and digital behavioral data for targeting your advertising. Move inventory by highlighting a “Car of the Week,” low price point, or other innovative ad formats like videos, slideshows, carousels, collections, and more. Reach beyond your own audience and grow new business by using social insights to target people with similar interests and behaviors.

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Netsertive's Localized Social Advertising is offered in select Kia Digital Packages! Social ad campaigns provide unprecedented first-party data, mobile reach, and local audience engagement, but managing them is a full-time job. Netsertive drives leads and revenue through social advertising at the location level. Our program includes static and carousel ads, lead form ads, and Facebook AIA ads which pull your inventory directly to both Facebook and Instagram.

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Take advantage of a full funnel paid social advertising approach from branding to sale to service retention. PureCars helps your dealership implement a complete approach to get more leads, sales, and service appts through a range of social media ad types such as static, dynamic inventory, video, and lead ads. Supercharge your digital marketing with a full funnel paid social strategy.

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Sokal Digital

Momentum Social combines VIN-Specific inventory ads, custom carousel ads, video and Facebook lead ads to deliver potential buyers from the awareness stage all the way through the decision phase of their car buying journey. Generate awareness, retarget those who’ve shown interest and convert to highly qualified leads with advanced audience targeting, whether their scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.


  • Various ad formats served at the right time to the right person (e.g., single image, carousel, video, collection, lead ads)
  • Dynamic carousel ads serve inventory directly from the site based on user interaction and the specific make and model that they viewed the most on your website.
  • Engagement-based audiences paired with lookalike audiences that generates a deliberate audience strategy
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Stream Companies

Stream companies realizes social media marketing is no longer the frilly, fun add-on to your digital presence. From Facebook and Instagram to its powerful advertising and targeting capabilities, we can now drive traffic, promote, engage, interact, and sell directly from your social platforms. With over 244 million people in the US sharing who they are and what they like, consider it a place where people are tuned in 24/7, ready to interact with and read your messages tailor-made for them. Stream Companies works to organize a calendar of posts that help users (aka potential shoppers!) explore, share, gain knowledge, ask questions, voice concerns, leave reviews, and interact in ways that no other digital platform can offer. From instant feedback to editing content at the drop of a hat, social lets you instantly express your business’ tone and voice to an audience that wants to engage with you!

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Team Velocity

Apollo Ads delivers an industry-first for social media advertising with our payment-based ads on every model in stock. Social Ads target in-market customers and conquest opportunities, delivering a relevant message to each consumer. Ads are generated for new, used and service departments and are consistent with the rest of your marketing. Sales campaigns use Upgrade Matrix with your inventory, pricing, rebates and incentives to deliver a uniquely targeted ad every time. All ads are updated daily,, meet all compliance regulations, and include transparent reporting for optimal attribution and performance.

Increase visibility of the pre-owned vehicles on your lot to consumers who are looking to buy with Facebook Marketplace. Auto Inventory Ads on Facebook Marketplace include useful information like model-specific details, price, mileage and more.

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Harness the power of artificial intelligence, real-time data, and automation in one dealer-centric platform to drive more customers to your website. With ZeroSum, dealers have on-demand access to MarketAI® which provides cross-channel ad execution, VIN-level attribution reporting, cutting-edge competitive insights, and industry-wide market data to drive unprecedented growth. Experience the future of automotive marketing with ZeroSum.

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