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Website Assistant Program

Website Assistant Program

The Kia Website Assistant Program offers you a dedicated resource who will ensure your website is up-to-date and engaging for consumers. Your Website Assistant will pro-actively update dealer specials and banners, create custom landing pages that can be used to highlight offers or display model comparisons, optimize your mobile site, manage lead and phone routing and much more. Each month your Website Assistant will call to review core analytics, monthly specials, program updates, and develop a strategy for optimizing your website for maximized results.

Your dealership’s website is your online showroom and is often your first interaction with consumers. With a Website Assistant you don’t have to worry about your keeping your website content fresh.

Pricing & Packages Enroll

Initial Website Health Review

A full review will be conducted at initial enrollment and shared with you upon completion to assess the current health of your website. This review will include lead routing verification and updates, enhancing the overall functionality of website links and navigation, updates to the homepage slideshow, and ensure your website is compliant with KUS guidelines.

Custom Page Building and Management

Your Website Assistant can create custom pages for your program website with dealership content. Custom pages can increase form submissions, enhance the overall SEO value of your website, and build consumer awareness around new products and offerings. In additional to building custom pages, we can also help with keeping the current pages on your website up to date such as staff pages, event pages.

Homepage Banners and Dealer Special Updates

Ensure all dealer specific and national offers are present and up to date on your website, setting your dealership apart from the competition.

Mobile Website Optimization

Your Website Assistant can ensure that your website is mobile friendly and easy for the customer to navigate by simplifying the layout and adding call-to-action buttons.

Ongoing Monthly Support and Website Updates

Aside from building custom content, your Website Assistant will become your one stop shop for everything regarding your Kia Digital Program website; including, but not limited to, website troubleshooting, lead and phone call routing, customized inventory pricing structure, business hour changes, navigation updates, and mobile website optimization.