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Dealer eProcess

Bring Your Showroom Hospitality Online with Dealer eProcess Chat

DEP offers a complete chatting and texting platform that allows consumers and dealers to quickly and easily communicate to get questions answered and, hopefully, drive more in-store traffic. Our chat offers unlimited conversations managed by our team of in-house chat representatives. However, if a dealer wants to manage the chat themselves, operate in a hybrid fashion, or even utilize our AI chatbot, they can do so.

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Flexible Chat Options to Match Every Dealer's Preference

Dealer eProcess offers unprecedented levels of chat customization. We offer virtually unlimited combinations of how the chat will function to help dealerships choose what's best for them. Dealers can choose to handle the chats in-house, have DEP manage the chat, utilize an advanced AI-driven chat, or any combination of options. Every Dealer eProcess tool is built on cutting-edge technology and can adapt to fit any dealership's needs. For example, if a client wants AI to start the conversation and then wants either DEP or their internal staff to take over, we can do that.

Simplified Dealership Texting. It's a No Brainer!

Chat2SMS empowers dealerships to engage with their customers through SMS messages. This feature allows dealers to extend their reach beyond their website, engaging with their customers on their mobile devices. The chat begins from the dealership website through the input of a cell phone number, which is then routed to our software to be managed by the dealer or our DEP's managed resource model, enabling continuity of the conversation beyond the website itself. This is a game-changer for dealerships and enhances the overall customer experience for customers.

Keep the Conversation Going with Involve

Involve enables dealerships to engage their customers directly, in real-time conversations, providing personalized support and solutions to their queries. This feature allows the DEP Chat operators to invite dealership staff to join an ongoing conversation and provide continuous support. This feature ensures that customers receive prompt and efficient support to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. For instance, once a visitor has been qualified as a lead, and the chat operator has procured a valid name, phone number, and email address, they can then ping the dealership staff to "jump in" the conversation and take it from there, seamlessly.

Keep Your Dealership's Information on Google Up to Date

DEP also offers integration with Google Business Profile, allowing dealers to enable chat functionality directly on their Google Business Profile listings. This feature enables customers to initiate chat conversations with a dealership without even visiting the website, making it easier for customers to connect and engage with the dealership. It also helps dealers manage their online reputation and provide timely customer support, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.