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The Only Road to Real-Time.

CarNow’s Real-Time Retail™ platform is a live-data technology platform that empowers dealers to expand customer interactions and transactions from their physical showroom to their online showroom with ease. It combines industry-leading integrations with its intelligent live-action platform to allow dealers to deliver the right information to customers on the spot, leading to increased sales, service, and profitability.

CarNow’s platform is the first digital retailing solution built for a simplified customer shopping experience that closes more deals. Industry-leading integrations and reliable market data provide car buyers with confidence, while live-assisted sessions guide them through the entire buying journey.

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Comprehensive Platform

CarNow’s Real-Time Retail platform encompasses all the functionality of the Real-Time Messaging™ solution, including:

  • DealNow
  • Conversational Calls to Action
  • Comprehensive Integrations
  • Direct Service Scheduling
  • Rich Content
  • Mobile App

Live-Assisted Conversations and Video Chat

With live co-browsing features, customers can engage in Q&A and negotiate in real-time with your in-store team, including the ability to activate video chat.

Multiple Entry Points (Deep Links)

Customizable entry points take the customer deeper into the digital retailing process to generate higher quality leads that convert.

Trade Partner Integrations

Our growing list of trade partner integrations includes KBB, TP, ICO, and TIV, and the process is now made easier with customer VIN and license plate pull.

Soft and Hard Credit Pull Options

Offer customers both soft and hard credit pull options during the buyer journey via 700Credit, RouteOne, and DT, while providing an instant customer callback option that populates directly in the UX.

F&I Merchandising and Accessories

Display actual prices of F&I products and vehicle accessories from your providers, giving customers the time, tools and confidence to decide without the pressure of the dealership.

Full-Service Desking

CarNow’s comprehensive desking solution provides everything needed for dealers to fully facilitate the entire vehicle transaction process.

Real-Time Notifications and Customer Data

With real-time access to customer actions, changes, and data, gain full visibility and better intel for negotiation.

Regional and National Incentives

Capture all OEM incentives and rebates using COX Rebates and Incentives. Customizable and automated to display real-time pricing logic.

DMS Integrations (Premium Feature)

CarNow’s platform directly integrates with a growing number of DMS providers, including Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK Global, Dealertrack, and Dealerbuilt.