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The Industry’s Best Digital Retailing Tool

Meet SARA, our Smart Automotive Retailing Assistant.

Digital Retailing represents the next evolution of car buying. SARA, Dealer eProcess’ 3-in-1 digital retailing solution uses advanced technology to walk the customer through each step of the process while on the dealership website. It starts with a credit pre-approval that includes current incentives and a TransUnion soft pull, moves to a trade-in option with loan matching, and finishes with a finalized deal that includes the customer’s choice of lender, warranty, accessories, and local taxes. This seamless experience has been carefully designed to maximize leads by allowing the customer shop at a pace they feel comfortable with and do so from the comfort of home.

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Pre-Fill Customer Info

SARA saves customer data from any previously completed lead form and auto-populates their contact info. This makes credit approval easier and faster for the shopper, and is proven to help increase lead conversion.


Manufacturer incentives and rebates are always changing, so you need a digital retailing tool that can keep up! SARA syncs up with all OEM feeds to make sure that your customers are always given the current rebates and incentives. And our user friendly incentive page makes it easy for shoppers to choose the rebates they qualify for.

TransUnion Softpull Info

Having accurate credit data is a crucial component for any digital retailing tool, and getting that data via soft-pull technology is easy and risk free for consumers. SARA is the only digital retailing tool that connects directly to TransUnion to automatically pull a customer’s credit score and all the auto loans in their name with only the shopper’s name and address. All in Real Time!

Trade-in Info:

You can’t give an accurate online payment without knowing the customer’s trade-in situation. This is why SARA also includes DEP’s industry-leading trade-in tool, eAutoAppraise. eAutoAppraise can link to either Blackbook, KBB, or NADA Guides, so the trade value you give online will always match the value you’d give in the store.

Customer Upload Trade-In Photos/Videos

The trade-in portion of SARA also has the ability to extract more information from a customer by giving them an option to upload photos or a video of their vehicle. With so much activity taking place on mobile these days, customers can easily use their smart phone’s camera to capture their vehicle and send you more information about their trade.

Customer Loan Match

Yet another reason why any good digital retailing tool needs to have ability to perform soft-credit pulls is to find out exactly how much a customer owes on their trade-in. SARA is the only tool in the industry that can not only give a trade in value, but also match the customer’s loan to that trade-in vehicle.

Trade Equity Determination

Since SARA has the customer’s trade-value AND the loan data on that vehicle, it only makes sense that she displays the customer’s equity position and apply that positive or negative equity to the payments being calculate for the new vehicle. This is a critical part of the car buying process for many consumers, and SARA makes it easy!

Decision Engine: Payment/Lease/Finance

Once SARA knows the customer’s vehicle of interest, current credit score, trade-in value, and equity position, the next step is to pick the best financing option for this consumer. SARA’s proprietary Lender Decisioning Engine gives the consumers a choice of what lender they would like to choose to help them purchase their new vehicle.

Taxes and Fees

They say the only things certain in this life are death and taxes. As grim as that may seem, presenting accurate taxes and fees to consumers is an inherent part of the car buying process. SARA pulls tax data from across the country and matches the taxes and fees to the consumer’s zip code so that these costs are always accurate.

Finalized Deal

Once all these steps have been completed, the deal is finalized, sent directly to the consumer via email, and sent directly into your CRM. This way everyone knows the particulars of each and every SARA deal, and you can get the consumer into their brand new car quickly and easily!