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Dealer eProcess

The Digital Retailing Platform That You (and Consumers) Will Love!

Dealer eProcess’ Digital Retailing Platform delivers a super-fast, simple, seamless solution that gives customers a penny-perfect payment on any vehicle. This robust, award-winning, automotive ecommerce platform boasts DEP’s proprietary Digital Retailing Tool, Trade-in Tool, and Soft Pull Credit App that combine to put the power of efficient online buying in the hands of ready-to-buy car shoppers while giving you, the Dealer, control over the entire process. This invaluable DR platform will help you sell more cars, increase customer satisfaction, and boost consumer loyalty.

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Quickly Capture Customer Information

The crucial first step of the digital retailing process asks customers to provide their information to begin the financing portion and move them down the buying funnel. With our unique real-time soft-credit pull technology, not only will each unique customer receive a completely customized payment instantly, but the Digital Retailing Tool also generates a staggering amount of leads for the dealer, complete with the customer’s actual, auto-adjusted credit score.

Instant Credit Pre-Approval Without SSN or Date of Birth

Using only the customer’s name and address, Dealer eProcess is able to instantly pre-screen the consumer using our proprietary Soft Pull Credit App with real-time connection to TransUnion or Equifax and immediately give the shopper a firm offer of credit. Capturing this data up front allows DEP to pull the auto-adjusted credit score and send it directly to the Dealer while also giving shoppers the penny-perfect online payment information that is critical to their final decision.

Real-Time Trade-In Appraisal With Automatic Equity Calculation

You cannot give a customer accurate payments if you don’t know their trade-in value and equity position. Where most digital retailing tools rely on outside help to gather that info (oftentimes forcing consumers to do all the work), Dealer eProcess makes it simple! With our proprietary Trade-in Tool embedded right into the Digital Retailing Platform, consumers can quickly get an accurate trade-in value for their vehicle (using KBB, Black Book, NADA Guides, or Market Data) and instantly receive an equity calculation on the fly!

Dynamic F&I Products

The Dealer eProcess Digital Retailing System gives you the ability to dynamically pull in F&I products along with all descriptions and pricing information. Customers can easily learn about the benefits of the F&I products you offer, and with the click of a button, add them to their purchase. It’s the easiest and most effective way to upsell online!