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Gubagoo Virtual Retailing: Why a Guided Shopping Experience is Key

Delight consumers and accelerate revenue growth by offering a complete online car buying experience from your website and Facebook. Introducing Gubagoo Virtual Retailing, the industry's first digital retailing solution designed around messaging and live video interaction.

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Virtual Retailing Specialists Deliver a Guided Shopping Experience

Our goal is to make buying a car on the dealership website as easy as possible for your customers. So when car shoppers have any questions during the buying process, our team of skilled virtual retail specialists are available 24/7/365 to coach, manage and support buyer concerns through chat, text and Messenger. Your customers will be happy, and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Consumers can Buy a Car in Minutes

All the steps required to sell a car can now be done online. The customer only has to come in to sign, and pick up their new car! The process is intuitive to follow and includes:

  • Payments
  • Trade-in
  • Rebates
  • Accessories
  • F&I add-ons
  • Credit application

Watch, Build, Buy

Gubagoo Virtual Retailing supports a flexible approach to online retailing that makes it easy to:

  • Negotiate and restructure deals
  • Calculate payments and quotes
  • Provide price, payment, model and specification comparisons
  • Adjust rates and residual and automate the retargeting

Online, Offline, Onsite, Offsite: Reach Consumers Anywhere, Anytime

Get real-time alerts every time there is a car buying engagement or repeat customer back on the site. Re-engage and re-target consumers with a new deal whether they are online, offline, onsite or offsite in real-time through Facebook Messenger, SMS, email, video streaming, click to call, or live chat.

Gubagoo Live: All-in-One Dealer Communication Platform

GLive is an omni-channel platform that’s designed to help you improve consumer engagement, conversion and experience. Use GLive to engage with your customers, monitor active and incomplete deals, and send new offers. Get unprecedented insight into team and dealership performance. Access all of your Gubagoo apps and services from your desktop or mobile device.