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Upstart Auto Retail

Your complete, connected retail solution

Upstart Auto Retail delivers a superior car buying experience through modern connected retail from online to in-store, all the way through financing. Upstart provides a comprehensive all-in-one retail solution that integrates with your existing dealership technology to increase your profitability, improve your efficiency in the sales process, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Tailor the online shopping experience to your process

Build an online experience that works for your dealership and your sales process. Customize the steps in your customer journey, decide where your lead gate is placed and receive stronger leads that have higher conversion rates through a transparent online shopping and financing experience.

Impress customers with a seamless in-store retail sales experience

Effortlessly pick up where your shoppers left off online or start a new deal and engage new car buyers in your showroom with our in-store solution, accessible from any device in your dealership. Never leave your customers’ side as you build and manage deals, display finance offers, review F&I products and empower them to shop in-store like they never have before - building trust in your dealership while improving your CSI scores.

Integrate seamlessly with your dealership solutions

Eliminate repetitive data entry by enabling a seamless integration between your third-party tools, including your CRM, DMS, F&I, inventory management and trade-in tools.

Deliver the perfect digital pencil with integrated desking

Customize deal details on the fly for both online and in-store shoppers. Quickly update pricing, incentives and rebates, finance details or anything else you need to create the right deal for your customers. Connect with managers instantly via our built-in chat, allowing managers to remotely push deal updates in real-time so your staff never needs to leave a customer’s side.

Empower shoppers to build and price their ideal vehicle on your website

Build & Price enables shoppers to configure and build their ideal vehicle directly from your website with comprehensive build selections, empowering shoppers to take the driver's seat in putting together their ideal vehicle.

Provide a faster and better financing experience - powered by AI

Dealers can gain access to Upstart’s AI-powered financing capabilities that delivers faster financing, provides more sellable offers, and improves profitability for your dealership. Upstart’s AI-powered financing works with your existing F&I systems using a single credit application to provide you an additional channel to finance more car buyers.