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Take Control

Lotlinx data gives you the best possible market advantage on every vehicle transaction. Execute VIN-specific strategies to increase turn, reduce waste, improve margins, and control risk. Maximize your profits with innovative features and precise machine learning models, including real-time market analysis, inventory management, and precision-targeted vehicle demand management.

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Lotlinx VIN Manager

Control your dealership at the VIN level. Manage every part of the retail process with predictive technology and an interactive platform of customized business tools.

  • Detect at-risk VINs based on market signals and lot conditions automatically.
  • View real-time market share rankings to inform marketing adjustments.
  • Understand a vehicle’s market position to manage turn rate, days on lot, gross sales profit, and inventory risk.
  • Reach consumers down to the ZIP code with demand insights on local active shoppers.

Lotlinx VMX

Leverage real-time data for promotions. VIN-level recommendations advise on the most optimal time to promote vehicles with this easy, free browser extension. Real-time proprietary market, pricing, and shopper engagement data deliver these recommendations.

  • Get real-time insights on when to boost a VIN.
  • Be alerted when VINs are at risk to take immediate, corrective action.
  • Track price, local market supply, and active shopper demand against local dealerships and national market standards.
  • Check your VINs’ performance based on analytics, demand, and pricing.

Lotlinx Video

Supercharge VIN-specific video ads with AI. Optimize your video ad spending with an end-to-end video inventory solution. Increase sales, lower operational costs, and enhance the customer experience with Video.

  • Generate 7-second video ads for each campaign vehicle.
  • Pull visual and voiceover details from inventory listings.
  • Add AI-powered text-to-speech and video overlays to every ad.
  • Execute ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and OTT streaming.

Lotlinx Showroom

Increase conversions by 5X on VDPs. Transform your VDPs into mobile-optimized pages to drive conversions and more sales. This consumer-designed solution enables car buyers to engage with you on any device.

  • Let shoppers interact with your dealership, wherever they are, via mobile.
  • Display relevant actions with “click-to-call” buttons, dealership directions, lease prices, test drive scheduling, and live chat.
  • Access meaningful ROI data.
  • Accelerate conversions based on your inventory needs.

Lotlinx VIN View Optimizer

Better data leads to better performance. View your spending and its ROI by tracking each VINs’ digital presence and optimizing them. You can evaluate the distribution of spend, views, engagement, and more in one spot.

  • Reduce wasted spending.
  • Achieve 100% transparency of campaign dollars.
  • Identify inventory risk.
  • Analyze channel performance.