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Team Velocity

We’re the Team that creates Velocity for your dealership.

Team Velocity’s website platform, Apollo Sites, is a transactional website built for a frictionless customer experience. Everything your customers need to transact is natively built into your website, no plug-ins required, making it less expensive, lightning fast and easy to navigate. It includes a suite of transactional features geared towards sales, service, and trades-ins, like one-touch service scheduling with built-in pickup and delivery, virtual test drives, and buy-online applications, to provide an unparalleled customer experience. It is the only site that integrates with your DMS, offering a personalized Amazon Prime-like experience for all your existing customers.

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DMS Integration

Apollo Sites sits on top of your DMS, downloading your inventory and customer data daily. This integration allows Apollo Sites to instantly identify customers that have previously done business with your dealership. This means that unique customer data, like equity, taxes, and service history, will be accurately reflected throughout your website, providing a truly personalized customer experience. This results in more leads and higher conversions.

Personal Websites

Apollo harnesses the data goldmines within your DMS to provide every customer a unique, personalized, Amazon Prime-like experience with Apollo Sites. Apollo Sites includes a Personal Website for every customer, dynamically customized to their unique information, including vehicle history, equity position and shopping activity. Apollo Sites even generates personalized upgrade offers, recommended vehicles, service coupons and recall notices, all based on unique customer data. Customers can access their Personal Website through any outbound communications, like email and direct mail, or their phone number or email address through a sign-in feature on your public website.

Offer Manager

Apollo Site’s uses Apollo’s offer management platform to calculate to-the-penny payments on all new and pre-owned inventory to generate unique cash, lease and finance offers on every vehicle. All offers reflect current rebates, OEM and regional incentives, and your preferred pricing model. Offers can be applied to ads, VDP’s, and more based on the Apollo applications you activate, ensuring full integration and consistency across every customer touchpoint. Offer Manager ensures complete accuracy by recalculating payments daily, or whenever pricing settings are changed.

Dynamic VDP’s

Maximize the consumer experience with Dynamic VDP’s automatically configured to reflect the exact same offers from your ads to the landing page based on your store’s specific settings in the Adaptive Pricing Module. For known customers logged into their Personal Website, the VDP’s will reflect personalized offers based on unique customer data, like equity and taxes. Customers can easily customize lease, finance and cash payments including rebates, incentives, and trim level features.

Precision Email

Move customers down the funnel with trigger emails designed to convert passive shoppers into active leads. These automated emails precisely re-engage shoppers based on dozens of specific customer actions. For example, after visiting your website, customers will receive an email with a personalized offer on the exact vehicle they shopped for. On the service side, customers will receive an email before their upcoming appointment with customized upgrade offers and vehicle appraisal options.

Service Accelerator

Service Accelerator is a fully-integrated service scheduling application proven to generate 4x the number of service appointments of the leading 3rd party providers. It’s the only application with voice activated technology, allowing customers to schedule service through Google devices like Google Home. It is also the only application that offers touchless pick-up and drop-off options through exclusive integrations with RedCap and Draiver. Also, because Apollo Sites integrates with your DMS, the application pre-populates critical customer information, like name, address and phone number, eliminating the need to fill out any lengthy forms. Even better, it knows the customer’s current vehicle, mileage, active/lost status, service history, and equity to dynamically serve coupons and service offers tailored to the customer’s specific needs. The application integrates with Apple Wallet, and has optional CDK integration available.

*(addt’l fee required for CDK integration)

Apollo Transact - Digital Retailing

Transact is a digital retailing application built natively into Apollo Sites without the need for a 3rd party widget or plug-in. Transact allows customers to complete the vehicle purchase process online with the ability to customize payments, check their credit, apply a trade-in, obtain financing and have their new vehicle delivered without visiting the dealership. Transact includes a customer text support system so your team can assist at any point along the way.

(note: Apollo Transact is a separate application that can be activated for an addt’l fee)

Integrated Marketing

Because Apollo Sites is integrated with the rest of the Apollo Customer Experience Platform, the offers on your website will mirror the offers in your other advertising, like digital ads, email and direct mail. Providing consistent offers and payments across all customer touchpoints builds credibility, eliminates pricing confusion, and generates a higher ROI. Offers are integrated across all Apollo applications you activate.